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Start your revolutionary business journey with Jan Digital Kendra Pvt. Ltd., your doorway to a world of cutting-edge solutions and unmatched assistance. At Jan Digital Kendra, we provide a full range of services that are customized to match your specific needs.

Our areas of expertise include digital marketing, travel planning, and Amazon services. We take great satisfaction in being a guiding light for you on your entrepreneurial journey—our dedication goes beyond providing services alone.

Digital Franchise is your trusted partner for success in the dynamic business landscape, whether you are looking for the benefits of the franchise model, exploring a broad range of services, or delving into success stories.

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The Benefits of the Franchise Model.

In the ever-evolving business world, there is no room for those businesses that don't tend to change as per new marketing needs. Most businesses that did not evolve with the times are no longer in existence.

In the modern world, there is only one prominent formula for doing effective business, and that is the ability to maintain a balance between changing work environments and expanding the business. This could be accomplished most effectively through the use of a franchise model.

There are several advantages to using the franchise model, some of which are listed below:

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Reduced Chance of Failure

Since the business owners are the company's final stockholders, you, as a franchise owner, may not always suffer an absolute loss. Instead, the impact of the loss will be lessened. In general, it lowers the chance of failure.


Continuous Business Assistance

A mentor can help you navigate the path to success and provide you with all the guidance you need to run a business successfully. In contrast, traditional businesses will employ a business consultant on a separate basis. Thankfully, the franchise model is exempt from this since the owners act as mentors and provide ongoing guidance to help your business expand, thereby providing continuous business support.


Recognition of a Brand

People are always looking for quality, and as India's economy grows, so does its purchasing power parity. As a result, most businesses are attempting to increase the value of their brand through a variety of means. You can avoid this problem by leveraging pre-existing brand recognition, which can be achieved through none other than franchise models.


Having Your Authority

The freedom and flexibility that come with running your own company are the main draws, though there are other benefits as well. You can have the freedom to be your boss and manage your own business with a franchise, all while enjoying the benefits of being backed by a well-known brand.

Our Vast Spectrum of Services.

Digital Franchise provides access to a wide range of services. Thanks to their strong network of well-established reputable clients, which serves as a web in their specialized franchise chain of digital stores, an inexpensive franchise ownership package is available for 25,000 rupees plus GST.

We are committed to meeting a wide range of needs, as evidenced by the over 400 services that are available to you as a Digital Store franchisee. These services are available to both individuals and businesses.

Let's take a look at some of the services.

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1. GST Suvidha Center

The GST Suvidha Center is a legitimate gateway that has been approved by the GSTN's authorized GSP and helps people and companies open a franchise of their own. This franchise is one of the best products of Jab Digital Kendra.

The demand for these franchise centers is increasing rapidly, and they offer personalized solutions for all services. The affordable price is what sets GST Suvidha Kendra apart from other available GST franchises.

2. E Loan Kendra

The primary goal of E Loan Kendra is to give clients exclusive access to online assistance so they can seek out and apply for the loans they want. People can come to our E Loan Kendra for any questions they may have about the application process or for help with any type of loan—home, personal, or business.

Most importantly, E-Loan Kendra assists clients with Mudra loan applications. As an E Loan Kendra franchise partner, you will be able to connect with 38+ NBFCs and banks and assist your customers in the procedures through our advanced AI-powered CRM portal, making the overall process easier for you.

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3. Insurance Kendra Store

These days, insurance is necessary if you want to live life to the fullest. Over the past ten years, as societal uncertainty has grown, the value of insurance has increased dramatically. There are many different insurance options available in the digital store, such as general, health, and life insurance.

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4. Amazon Services

Our goal is to build the biggest digital ecosystem in India through our Digital Franchise locations. Our goal is to deliver a vast array of contemporary goods and services right to the doorsteps of every Indian citizen. Using Amazon Easy, new e-commerce audiences can receive online shopping assistance from our Digital Franchise Store Franchise Partner.

Shopping assistance provided by store owners builds trust and assists thousands of customers in taking their first steps into e-commerce. Additionally, our Digital Franchise franchise partner will offer MSMEs the chance to take advantage of onboarding services as sellers.

5. Ayushman Bharat Card

To accomplish the goal of providing universal health coverage, the Indian government has developed "Ayushman Bharat." "Let no one be left behind" is its catchphrase.

Ayushman Bharat is a system of wholesome services and infrastructure. This program's goal is to offer primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare services. One significant step toward accessible healthcare is Ayushman Bharat.

Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

Why Choose Digital Franchise?


Beginner Friendly

A lot of people have had success with Digital Franchise. Their testimonies demonstrate that we provide a beginner-friendly environment and reputation-building assistance.


Lots of Services

Over 400 services are available to both individuals and companies. We have a lot to offer, including the GST Suvidha Center, Amazon Services, Insurance Kendra Store, E Loan Kendra, and Ayushman Bharat Card.


Not Too Expensive

You can join us without spending a ton of money. Our franchise ownership package costs 25,000 rupees plus GST.


Personalized Service

One-size-fits-all is not how we operate. We customize our services to meet your unique needs and preferences.


What services does Jan Digital Kendra Pvt. Ltd. provide?

Jan Digital Kendra Pvt. Ltd. specializes in travel planning, digital marketing, and Amazon services.

How personalized are the offered services?

We guarantee a unique and customized experience with our highly personalized services, which are thoughtfully designed to match your unique interests, preferences, and objectives.

What sets the technological solutions apart?

Our cutting-edge technological solutions use the most recent advancements to provide effective and creative support for your projects.

How does Digital Franchise assist its clients throughout their journey?

As your committed partner, we provide unwavering support and direction to make sure your journey is both successful and pleasurable.

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